15th July 2019

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Congratulations to the 68 graduates who celebrated their accomplishments on June 29th in Zhuhai at the BNUZ-SMU Joint Bachelor of Commerce Convocation.

A SMU delegation led by President Robert Summerby-Murray together with Dr. Harjeet Bhabra, the new Dean of Sobey School of Business, as well as Dr. Malcolm Butler, Vice President of Academic & Research travelled to Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai to celebrate 68 students graduating from our Joint Bachelor of Commerce program. Some alumni from Hong Kong and from other parts of China attended to be the Alumni Honour Guard for the ceremony.

I understand that BNUZ’s status will be upgraded over the next few years. There will be new construction as well as large renovation on the campus buildings. While the new official English name has not been determined yet, it would probably be something like Beijing Normal University – District of Zhuhai. I will provide more detailed information once it becomes available.

Photos taken during the event will be posted later. If you have taken any great photos that you would like to share with other people, please send them to me (alumnihksmu@yahoo.com). Thank you!

Warmest Regards
Jimmy Ho

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