2nd April 2018

Dear Fellow Alumni,

As mentioned earlier in this home page, Dr. Patricia Bradshaw will be finishing her deanship in the Sobey Business School in May. She came over to Hong Kong and China last week and met with alumni and friends in Hong Kong before her departure. Joining Dr. Bradshaw, Mrs. Erin Sargeant Greenwood, Vice President of Advancement, has also come to Hong Kong. A dinner gathering was held on Wednesday, March 28 with the two VIPs at The Champions’ Palace Restaurant in Kowloon.

At iSquare in Kowloon

Dr. Patricia Bradshaw and Mrs. Erin Sargeant Greenwood adjoined Hong Kong alumni side by side.

More stories and photos from our VIP are coming up soon. Stay tuned for them!

Warmest Regards
Jimmy Ho



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