Saint Mary’s University Alumni Hong Kong Chapter Constitution

1. Name

The name of the Association is “Saint Mary’s University Alumni Hong Kong Chapter” (The Association).

2. Address

The registered address of the Association is Unit B, 19/F Hillier Commercial Building, 89-91 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

3. Objectives

  1. To uphold the commitment of Saint Mary’s University, whose situ is Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (the “University”) to ONE UNIVERSITY, ONE WORLD, YOURS;
  2. To provide links and liaison between the University, and its alumni and graduates ordinarily residing in Hong Kong;
  3. To support the University in holding academic, promotional or social activities in Hong Kong and elsewhere;
  4. To help promote the University’s objectives with its alumni worldwide.

4. Membership

All alumni and graduates from the University ordinarily residing in Hong Kong willing to comply with the terms of the Association for the time being in force are eligible to become members.

5. Voting right

Unless otherwise stated, all fee-paying members eligible to vote (“eligible members) shall have voting right.

6. Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

  1. An AGM shall be held once every year in any event not later than 15 calendar months from the date of the last annual general meeting held. The Committee should use their reasonable endeavours to hold such meeting nearer the end of each calendar year – between September and December.
  2. An EGM shall be called upon the requisition of 5 or more members in writing, or by the Committee.
  3. The quorum of an AGM or an EGM is at least 4 members. In case a quorum cannot be formed, the AGM or the EGM called by the Committee shall stand adjourned to be reconvened at least 14 days afterwards and the Committee shall immediately give notice to members of a new date when an adjourned meeting will be held. No quorum is required at such adjourned meeting. In the case when no quorum can be formed at such an EGM requisitioned by the requisitionists, it shall stand dismissed.
  4. Notice of an AGM or a special AGM shall be sent to eligible members by the Committee at least 21 days in advance. Notice of an EGM or a special EGM shall be sent by the Committee at least 14 days in advance.
  5. Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of the eligible members or their proxies present, unless stated otherwise.

7. Election of Committee Members

  1. All members of the Committee shall serve on the Committee until he retires by rotation in the manner hereinafter provided. A longest serving member of the Committee shall in turn first retire but shall be ipso facto deemed to stand for re-election without nomination, unless he serves a written notice of his desire not to stand to be re-elected. For the first batch of the Committee appointed upon formation of this Association, a list of the Committee members, to be worked out among themselves, shall be drawn up to show as to who shall first or next retire by rotation and thereafter and by rotation as the first batch shall have ended.
  2. When a vacancy exists or a new post is created on the Committee, the Committee may co-opt an eligible member to fill the vacancy or the new post until the next election when he shall be deemed the next Committee member due to retire by rotation but eligible for re-election as though he has been the longest serving member.
  3. A candidate standing for election shall be nominated by an eligible member as his proposer and seconded by another. Upon nomination, the proposer shall submit a written consent of the candidate to serving on the Committee.

8. The Committee

  1. The Committee shall consist of no less than 6 members. All Committee members shall serve without expectation of gain or emoluments of any kind. The Committee shall consist of (i) the President, (ii) the Vice-president, and (iii) the Treasurer. In addition thereto, the Committee shall have power from time to time to create such other offices as they see meet for the good management of the Association as a whole.
  2. Each office bearer shall serve for a period of two years and shall be eligible for re-election for one further like term.
  3. Resolutions of the Committee shall be passed by a two-third majority of the members of the Committee present at such meeting.
  4. The Committee has full power to manage the Association and do such matters and things for the efficient attainment of the objectives of the Association and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, among other things, to establish, oversee, or dissolve any ad-hoc working group or sub-committee, who may be delegated or has otherwise been delegated to work on various activities and/or projects designated by the Committee from time to time.

9. Use of Funds

  1. The Committee shall have power to open and operate bank accounts on behalf of the Association and handle all moneys and other funds received from time to time to its use and benefit and on its behalf make settlement of any or all expenditures incurred by the Association. For the purposes aforesaid, each of the President, Vice-president and the Treasurer is hereby authorized to sign cheques related to the operation of the Association’s bank accounts singularly for an amount in settlement of a trade invoice, bill or any other account of not exceeding Hong Kong Dollars ten thousand (HK$10,000.00) and jointly with any one other of them or jointly with a Committee member in excess of Hong Kong Dollars ten thousand ($10,000.00).
  2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping daily entries of all incomes received and/or receivable and accounts paid and/or payable, and all such other books as are prudent and reasonably necessary to be kept for the Association and periodically as would be prudent in the accounting practice preparing and submitting financial statements quarterly to the Committee for review and at the end of each fiscal year annual financial statements and reports to the Committee for approval and for presentation to the members at each AGM.
  3. The Committee is authorized to make donations from time to time to the University and other lawfully registered charities in Hong Kong out of surplus or designated funds in hand in accordance with such guidelines and mandates as shall have been previously approved by members at an AGM.

10. Dissolution of the Association

The Association may be dissolved by no less than 75% of the members present and voting in favour at an EGM convened for such aforesaid purpose.

11. Amendment of the Constitution

Any amendment to the Constitution may be made at an AGM or an EGM by a two-thirds vote in favour.