BNUZ Students Visiting A Furniture Manufacturer in June 2016

Last year, the Hong Kong Chapter had arranged a group of students from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai (BNUZ) to visit a financial institution in Hong Kong in the summer of 2015.

This year, one of our key committee members of the Hong Kong Chapter, Sammy Ho, has arranged another group of BNUZ students together with Mr. Garett White (Assistant Program Manager of B.Comm. Program (Zhuhai cohort)), to visit a manufacturing plant in southern part of China.

The manufacturing plant belongs to a company called “Nova Furniture Limited” and is located at Nange Industrial Village, Dao Jiao, Dongguan in the province of Guangdong. The company specializes in contemporary furniture for household use: dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, sofas etc.

The event took place on Friday, June 10, and the itinerary was

  1. A tour to the furniture showroom where Nova’s products are displayed;
  2. A tour to the manufacturing plant for one of their major customers;
  3. A tour to the Furniture Museum where the history of furniture from about 200 AD up to the present time is shown;
  4. A little talk with students at their theatre;
  5. Group photo at the entrance of Furniture Museum.
Small talk with the students at the theatre

A little talk with the students at the theatre



At the entrance of the Furniture Museum

A group photo at the entrance of Nova’s Furniture Museum

A group photo in front of

A group photo in front of a Peterbilt Truck which is used for promotional purposes.

Mr Garett W

Sammy and Garett riding on a Peterbilt Truck.

While the group finished off the tour with a sumptuous lunch at a nearby restaurant, we hope that this tour has given the students a good opportunity to know more about the real business world.