On November 28, 2012, a group of SMU alumni resident in Hong Kong, with the liaison of SMU Alumni Office in Halifax, Canada and Dr Ronald Wong (SMU B.Sc. 1959, Doctor of Civil Law (honoris causa) 1994) in Hong Kong, met with Dr. Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of Sobey Business School and other SMU faculty members.  At the reception, the Hong Kong alumni present unanimously were enthused at establishing an SMU alumni network in Hong Kong in order to stay more closely connected through the Alumni Office in Halifax, with SMU itself and all other alumni and to make contributions towards the attainment of SMU objectives, worldwide.

News of Hong Kong alumni’s enthusiastic desire in such networking promptly got onto our then President, Dr. Colin Dodds, who made a swift detour from Mainland China to Hong Kong to meet with many HK alumni on Monday, April 8, 2013. We were briefed on the current activities and involvements of SMU in China and there were exchange of ideas on potential contributions the SMU HK alumni can give towards our alma mater. The Hong Kong alumni were given the official blessing to form the SMU Alumni Hong Kong Chapter, which is what it is today!


The first committee has been set up with the following members:

  • Katie Lin (B. Comm. 1986), Chairperson
  • Dr Ronald Wong (B. Sc. 1959, DCL, Hons.)
  • Eric Mok (B. Comm. 1993), Treasurer
  • Sammy Ho (B. Comm. 1984)
  • Jimmy Ho (B. Comm. 1979)
  • Simon Wong (B. Comm. 1981)
  • Harold Ho (B. Comm. 1986)
  • William Lau

Meetings are regularly held monthly and as often as activities demand.

The SMU HK Chapter Constitution and associated rules and regulations have been adopted officially and duly approved by the appropriate authority.

Our official website has been established and constantly updated to show all our activities – both past and present. We also intend to reach out to other SMU alumni in Asia through social media. We also attempt to create a profile for each of our members on our website. This shall be one of our main focal points in the coming months.

Financial Position

The Committee takes pride of the Chapter’s financial position; with its bank account firmly established, it will have ample room to receive donations of big or small for the benefit of our intending or ongoing scholars at SMU, Halifax Canada and for the enhancement of many more educational projects in years to come.

Alumni Activities

Various social activities are held regularly, including (among others) an attendance in Zhuhai, China at the invitation of Dr Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of Sobey School of Business in September 2014 to mark the historical opening of the first twinning academic year at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai. The opening has been made possible with the approval of the education authority in the PRC.

The Way Forward

The SUM Alumni Hong Kong Chapter is making all efforts to reach out all other SMU alumni living or otherwise ordinarily residing in Hong Kong.  In order to strengthen the networking, we would like to invite you all, to whom these presents shall come, to share the pride and responsibility in the SMU HK Alumni Chapter membership.  Stay connected at [email protected] or by using the contact form in this website.  For those who wish to join the Hong Kong Chapter as a member, you are welcome to join by downloading the Membership Application Form here. We do need your support and active participation.  It is only through your personal involvement that we can continue to grow and implement our objectives. 


Saint Mary University Alumni Hong Kong Chapter – 2014